Smart LED Light Bulb SafeStreets Z-Wave Light Bulb

  • Easily set up your smart lighting system by screwing in your light bulb into the fixture just as you would with regular light bulbs.
  • Create custom automation to turn your smart LED light bulbs on and off.
  • Dim your smart light bulbs, even if your lighting devices don’t include a dimmer setting.


Replace your current light bulbs with Smart LED Light Bulbs from SafeStreets for better security and home automation. Homeowners who upgrade their light bulbs to our Z-wave light bulb not only find better cost savings but feel more secure in their home as each light can automatically turn on and off. Our smart light bulbs also integrate with our mobile app for quick and easy changes on the go and complete remote control lighting. You can also deter burglars while you are away from home by scheduling your outdoor and indoor lights to turn on and off as needed. Get in touch with our home automation experts to learn more about our smart LED light bulbs and other smart home options.

Z-Wave Mobile Monitoring

Smart light bulbs connect with your mobile phone via our mobile app, so you can update your lighting system even when you are away from home. Work with our home automation experts for help selecting your smart home products and smart LED light bulbs.


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